C-MRiC organises a series of joint and co-located conferences and events that serve various audience, aimed at cross-breeding, interfacing, interacting and fostering engagements among diverse disciplines, communities and culture in a collaborative and inspiring way. Our conferences focus on interesting, emerging and topical societal issues, tackling both new and existing problems through research. There is strong synergy in collaboration, mutual inter-workings and advancement in areas where independent endeavour had yielded minimal returns.


We invite researchers, academia and industry practitioners worldwide to contribute to our unique and distinguished conferences. Our conference offerings are unique and distinct from majority of academic-only orientated conferences. We welcome industry participation, cooperation and collaboration.


We organise five unique joint and co-located conferences throughout the year - Cyber Science, Cyber Policy, Counter Fraud, Security Management and Health Informatics.


Please choose from one of our list of conferences to contribute. We are now receiving papers for all conferences: